Hi Everyone, I’m Amanda, but when I am cooking my friends and family just call me Betty Crocker.  My passion is making anything and everything from scratch. My absolute favorite compliment to hear about my cooking is“You MADE that??”  My goal is to teach YOU that cooking from scratch doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming, and it will open SO many doors.  As a from scratch cook you can do everything from throwing a KILLER dinner party to quickly and easily putting dinner on the table for your family.  You will gain the ability to rock it in the kitchen always. The question “WHAT’S FOR DINNER?” won’t have to plague you, because you’ll have the skills to throw together great meals, without recipes, with foods you have on hand.


When I began studying nutrition in school, I thought the cooking classes would be a necessary evil that I had to get through to get my degree.  I had never cooked a thing in my life aside from Ramen Noodles and Ravioli from a can. I was determined to be a career woman and was on what I considered to be the best route to get there. When I took my first cooking class, everything changed. I found a true LOVE of being in the kitchen. I discovered that I was MORE interested in the science of what food does in the kitchen than what it does in your body. I was truly hooked. I began reading food blogs, magazines, and MOST importantly, I began experimenting.  I found real joy in cooking things that most people thought had to be purchased from the store.  I also discovered that I like cooking with sugar and butter, ahem, a lot. But I like veggies a lot too!


I want to take the fear out of cooking and show you the joy and empowerment that comes from creating in the kitchen.  I hope that through this blog I can give you some rockin’ from scratch recipes, but more importantly, that I can teach you the steps and tools to make any of your own favorite recipes from scratch. You truly can ditch packets and mixes, and find joy in creating stellar meals for your family, from scratch!